Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir PreRelease

Bad News + Good News

Went to OMG! Games & Collectibles (Barrie, Ontario, CanadaLand) for the Sunday afternoon Khans of Tarkir PreRelease Event -

Bad News - The store had already sold out of all the Abzan, Mardu and Temur PreRelease Boxes from the events yesterday.

Good News - Took a Jeskai PreRelease Box,
Pulled a FOIL Polluted Delta
Pulled 2 Abzan Ascendancy and a Windswept Heath and Played a W/B/G Abzan build
Came in first place ! (w00t!)

So - I got a hundred dollar card and a small pile of boosters packs for first place.  Not that shabby considering my feeling of dread getting saddled with a Jeskai Box.